Inside SCA Tawd Mill

The site in June 2017

The site in August 2017

The Boiler House September 2017

The finished article

Project Description

Client:   SCA
Location:   Tawd Mill, Lancashire
Requirement: New Boiler House
Value: £200,000 +

SCA develops, produces and markets personal care products, tissue, packaging, publication papers and solid-wood products, and sells its products in more than 100 countries.

Originally opened in 1999, the Tawd Mill was closed for production in 2008 but kept in perfect operating condition until additional manufacturing capacity was required. SCA expects its Tawd Mill on Paddock Road to be back operational by the end of the year, the investment follows increased customer demand for soft, high-quality TAD tissue.


The construction of a new industrial Boiler House is required to serve Tawd Mill, the previous boiler house was demolished due to its poor condition and had deteriorated over the years that Tawd Mill was out of production. The new boiler house is situated on the same footprint as the previous building, with the new boiler supported on the same concrete plinths as the old one did, which was a requirement of our client.

Hawkins Construction has overseen this project since the beginning of works, from breaking ground in May 2017 and aim to have this project complete by October 2017.

Scope of Works

For this project Hawkins Construction involvement included managing the following works of the project for:

  • Foundation Piling works
  • Drainage Works
  • Re-enforced Concrete Slab (130m3)
  • Steel Frame/Cladding Rails/Purlins
  • Insulated Cladding Panels
  • Personnel/Roller shutter Doors
 You can see the timeline images on the left the changes in the development as we progressed on the job.