Burton Latimer Site

Drawing of the site

Aerial view of Burton Latimer

Project Description

Client:   Weetabix  – Project Octopus
Location:   Burton Lattimer – Kettering
Requirement: construct a new Engineers Workshop external to the factory
Programme:   14 weeks


Weetabix is a household named in the UK, but they also export products to over 80 countries worldwide. The Burton Latimer site is the founding site of the Weetabix brand opening its doors way back in 1936.

To facilitate a larger project entitled “Project Octopus” by which its name suggests the intention of an eight-pronged development,  Hawkins Construction were engaged to demolish the existing internal workshop and to construct a new Engineers Workshop external to the factory.

The new Workshop consisted of a raft foundation, free-standing single storey steel frame with composite cladding and roofing. Areas of existing cladding were cut away to allow personnel doors to be installed for access into the factory from the Workshop.


Solutions to the Challenges

Access to construct the workshop was constrained by the existing factory and a retaining wall which meant steelwork and cladding had to be installed from the adjacent service road. The road had to remain operational throughout the works which required careful planning and communication between Hawkins, the Principal Contractor and the factory to achieve minimal disruption to vehicle access and day to day operations without impacting the construction programme.

The programme was also challenged and overcame by the delivery of incoming equipment which meant the Workshop had to be completed on time to avoid a knock on delays to the equipment installation and overall project meaning Hawkins has to deliver promptly which we did.