We have over 45 years’ experience in the provision of term contract services. Throughout this time we have amassed a wealth of experience in providing vital construction and maintenance works, in a way that offers best value for our clients. Term Contracting offers clients an efficient, economic and effective means of procuring construction services in ways that other more traditional procurement systems may not.

Term Contracting allows for input at the design or feasibility stage by the construction team to help better plan and develop construction schemes or maintenance regimes. This helps to increase ‘buildability’ and functionality, therefore saving the client time and money. Our experience and knowledge of the effective design, planning and implementation of works to busy factories and their infrastructure also brings further added value at these key early stages.

Example of typical term contract works:

  • Management of scaffolding term contract for HJ Heinz Co. Ltd.
  • Management of asbestos monitoring and disposal.
  • Reactive repairs and maintenance ranging from replacing door locks to repairing major factory  services.
  • 24 hour call-out service.
  • Planning of factory road repairs – surveying, costing and prioritising programmes with the client.
  • Major structural upgrades and repairs.