Upgrade to Toilet Facilities at H. J. Heinz in Wigan

H. J. Heinz Co. Limited commissioned Hawkins Construction to upgrade toilet facilities at their Kitt Green Production Facility in Wigan, Greater Manchester.

Hawkins has in conjunction with H.J. Heinz designed a phased scheme to replace and upgrade the toilet facilities on the Kitt Green Site to modernise, improve hygiene and ensure reliability of service. The project has been planned to be completed in a phased manner so as to ensure adequate facilities are maintained whilst each toilet block upgrade is completed. We have planned to utilise temporary screens and hoardings in such as a way so as to further negate the impact of our construction works upon daily H. J. Heinz operations.

The initial phase of the project addressed the Female Toilets on the Finance Corridor and the Male Locker Room Toilets within the Employee Services Building.  They are used by a substantial number of the operations staff as they are adjacent to changing rooms and in addition they are used by office staff and visitors.